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I truly believe that the proof of transformation is in someone's eyes. In 2019 I found myself admitting I was in this trap of “living my truth” and that looked like going down a path of becoming extremely prideful and masking it with what people thought was confidence. I was surrounded by more lies than what the truth was and anyone that spoke truth to me felt like judgement or a loud self-righteous opinion. In this journey, I’ve found that judgement and self righteous behavior revs its head from people that have never had the honor of sitting in the mess with someone, not trying to control the circumstance but simply love them in it. Here’s a sobering thought though, we can’t go so quickly to accuse every truth teller as self-righteous. Man, that can become a slippery slope when we are tender in our pain and unaddressed wounds. If we quickly accuse what we think is a judger, we will never see what we are completely entrenched in. Lies. Lies that protect the story we have found ourselves comfortably sitting in. I’ll go first, in my past, I was surrounded by more lies than what the truth was. I told myself a narrative to keep me safe from feeling accountable to my choices. I told myself a narrative that protected me from facing the HONEST truth and ultimately I avoided the uncomfortable feeling that my immoral choices had consequences. If I could live inside a narrative that put all the blame and responsibility on someone else, I was “safe” and I had a right to my choices. But what I continue to learn as I release control and fear, is that the further I am from being able to receive someone speaking truth over me, the further away I am in living out a truthful lifestyle. If I would have stayed in the narrative of blaming others then I could live in a fantasy that made me feel good about myself and vindicated for someone else’s hurt “done to me”… but fantasy can’t sustain and it won’t ever fulfill the very thing I desire… True long lasting intimacy. Truth breeds intimacy. Honesty breeds intimacy. The further I am from living out of truth and honesty the more I am likely to pursue things that give me instant intimacy that will never last long.
Ahhhhh I love this and you!! Been listening to your, Elisa and Gods, God hears her podcast for a almost two years and it def helped me in my walk with Him
Xoxo and yours are beautiful friend❤️
Amen and amen!!!!!
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I have been seeking truth for the last four years. God has revealed much to me about myself, others, and Him. I too had much pride and a “self confidence” mask that was really a way to bully others. It broke me. I never wanted to be THE bully. I wanted to be the hero…- which is also pride. I was a mess. Today, I look back on those years of growth, as painful as they were, with gratitude. I am thankful I responded to the pain and have learned, not perfectly, how to love myself, others, and most of all Jesus. ❤️
This is SO GOOD! 👏
So good! Can really relate!